What are the symptoms of spinal cord trauma?

If you’re involved in any type of accident, such as a motor vehicle crash, it’s imperative to be treated for every injury. This is particularly true of spinal cord trauma, as this can have a big impact on your life for many years to come.
It’s important to be aware of the symptoms associated with spinal cord trauma, as this knowledge will help you pinpoint the issue if you find yourself involved in an accident.

Of course, it’s also important to point out that no two people are the same. For this reason, the symptoms that one person has may not match those of another.

Some of the most common symptoms of spinal cord trauma include loss of feeling at and below the injury, weakness, and numbness. Also, in some cases, this can lead to sensory changes, loss of normal bladder and bowel control, and extreme amounts of pain.

In other words, most people who suffer spinal cord trauma are well aware that something is wrong. While these symptoms can present early on, it is possible, based on the type of injury, to make a recovery.

Due to the seriousness of spinal cord trauma, there is no good reason to wait to receive treatment. Instead, the moment you know something is wrong is the moment you should receive help.

Once you do so, you can then learn more about the accident and why it happened. This may allow you to take the first steps in receiving compensation, which can be used to pay for medical bills and ongoing treatment related to your injuries.