Travelers, experts react as U.S bans Boeing 737 MAX 8, MAX 9 Jet

March 2019

“It’s different from all the other 737’s,” said John Brewer, aviation attorney at the Brewer Law Firm. “The engine is in a different area. Bigger engines carry more passengers.”

Buckeye Man Burned After E-Cigarette Catches Fire in His Pocket

September 2018

A Buckeye man was left with severe burns on his right leg after an e-cigarette in his pocket suddenly caught fire, according to his attorneys.

Man suffers burns after e-cigarette explodes in his pocket

September 2018

A Valley man is recovering at the burn center after his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.

Taking Hands-On Investigation to a New Level

While some businesses brag about going to the ends of the earth for their customers, attorneys at The Brewer Law Firm can literally say it.