Serious accidents can cause catastrophic or deadly injuries to victims. Our team of lawyers at the BrewerWood Law Firm understands the challenges you may face as a victim of a catastrophic injury or as a surviving family member of a loved one lost in a tragic personal injury accident. With over 50 years of experience handling catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, our team of lawyers and staff have what it takes to fight for justice and compensation on behalf of our clients. We represent clients throughout Arizona, the Southwest, and even Globally.

Experienced Legal Experts

Attorneys John B. Brewer and Dane L. Wood have experience litigating and representing clients in a wide range of personal injury matters. The lawyers’ combined knowledge and experience cover extensive areas of personal injury law involving catastrophic injuries or wrongful death of victims. They have experience representing clients against big-name corporations and insurance companies seeking compensation and justice following an accident leading to injuries or death of a victim.

Attorney John B. Brewer began his legal career in 1997, during which time he has worked on helping victims of personal injury accidents, product liability cases, and wrongful death. Attorney Brewer is a notable burn injury advocate helping victims of burn injuries across the Southwest fight for their rights and seek justice against the parties causing these devastating and impactful injuries.

Attorney Dane L. Wood started his practice of the law in 1994. He has litigated cases involving personal injury matters from the outset of his career and has developed extensive experience helping clients that suffer injuries in product liability cases, personal injury accidents, construction accidents, heavy machinery incidents, aviation accidents, and many other types of accidents leading to catastrophic injury or the death of a victim.

Our Philosophy: Our Commitment to Clients

Our team of lawyers and staff at the BrewerWood Law Firm in Phoenix share in the dedication and commitment to fighting for our client’s rights. We know the challenges you may face as a victim and want to guide you through the process of taking action against the party or parties responsible to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. We are a boutique law firm with big firm experience and can offer a hands-on and intimate approach for our clients as we walk them through the legal process following a catastrophic or wrongful death accident. We make ourselves available for our clients and keep you informed on the details and developments in your case.

Practice Areas: What We Do Best

At the BrewerWood Law Firm, we handle complex personal injury cases that most often result in catastrophic injuries of a victim or the wrongful death of a loved one in a personal injury-related accident. These types of cases typically require extensive resources to represent victims, such as the retrieval of vulnerable evidence, the involvement of industry experts and medical experts that can assist with your case, and the calculation of damages resulting from the massive impact of the accident on a victim’s life or their family’s life. 

Cases we handle include:

  • Product Defect and Product Liability accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Aviation accidents
  • Electrical injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability cases
  • Motor vehicle accidents

BrewerWood Law Firm: Where Legal Expertise Meets Compassionate Advocacy

Our team at the BrewerWood Law Firm understands what you are going through and the battle you face to get justice for the terrible accident leading to your injuries or a loved one’s death. We represent our clients in the most difficult of cases and want to help you fight for the compensation the law allows in your case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss whether you may be eligible for compensation and how we may be able to help.