Stem cell therapy might help spinal cord injuries

The treatments for spinal cord injuries have evolved greatly from where they were decades ago. New technologies on the horizon might show even more promise for victims of spinal cord injuries. One treatment that is showing some promise involves stem cells.
Stem cell therapy that was done by a company based in nearby California notes that patients who underwent the stem cell treatment had improved strength and function in their limbs after the treatment. This company is the second company to report similar findings.

The most recent company to report promising results uses stem cells that are harvested from mature tissues. The treatment this company used begins 10 months after the injury. The previous company to report positive results uses embryo-derived stem cells and begins the treatment shortly after the injury.

In either case, it seems as though there might be new treatment options for spinal cord injury victims who are paralyzed. If these treatment options become widely available, people who suffer spinal cord injuries might not have to learn to live with a lifetime of paralysis.

Paralysis is only one of the effects of a spinal cord injury. Other effects, such as incontinence or other difficulties, can also make life difficult for a person who suffered a spinal cord injury. Because the cost of medical care for these injuries is often expensive, some people who have suffered a spinal cord injury might opt to seek compensation for their injury. If compensation is awarded, they might be able to better afford the treatments they need to cope with the spinal cord injury.