Spinal cord injuries: looking toward the future

Because of the devastating nature of spinal cord injuries, it can be overwhelming for victims and their families to face the aftermath of a serious accident and try to figure out what needs to be done. Injuries to the spinal cord are often permanent and can affect every area of the victim’s life. A personal injury lawyer can help victims make informed decisions about any possible legal action and determine fair compensation.
A serious injury does not always come from a major accident. Even something as seemingly minor as slipping on a wet floor and falling can potentially cause irreparable damage. As part of the nervous system, the spinal cord is very sensitive, and while it is protected by the spinal column, the right impact at the right angle can be the difference between walking independently and being confined to a wheelchair.

Spinal cord injuries are different than other types of injuries and require some extra considerations when determining fair compensation. It is important to factor in the future costs associated with the injury and not just the medical bills to date after the accident. The cost of specialized equipment and dedicated caregivers as well as the loss of companionship and victim’s pain and suffering may also be able to be taken into account. Discussing your particular injury with your doctor and attorney can help you have a better understanding of the care and treatment that will be required moving forward.

As Arizona accident victims know, life can change in a matter of seconds. While legal action or even being awarded compensation cannot make it so the accident never happened, it can help ease some of the burdens and uncertainties of the future.