Spinal cord accidents strip income and increase bills

Spinal cord injuries are very serious injuries. Even when the injury is minor, significant changes to a person’s life might occur. If you think about our previous post, you probably remember some of the symptoms of whiplash. Take a few moments to think about how those symptoms might affect you. Now, think about how paralysis and other symptoms of a severe spinal cord injury would affect you.
We know that thinking about spinal cord injury effects isn’t something that is pleasant. For some people who have been injured in a fall, swimming accident, car accident or any other manner, the effects of a spinal cord injury become the reality of life. In those cases, the victim of the spinal cord injury might decide to seek compensation.

If you decide to seek compensation, there are a few questions we can help you answer that are vital to your case. We can investigate your case to determine who we can hold accountable for your accident.

We can try to determine what types of compensation to seek and in what amounts. You might automatically think about compensation for medical expenses, but you should also think about future medical bills, loss of income, costs of renovations that you had to complete at home and other related expenses. Even your pain and suffering come into the picture when trying to decide a monetary amount for compensation.

We know this can all be a lot to think about while you are trying to heal. We can help you work through everything necessary for your case. You can focus on your healing while we focus on the legal aspects of your case.