Paralyzed victim once again able to move his legs

We are seeing treatments for spinal cord injuries that may actually provide individuals hope.  One patient who was told that he would never be able to walk again found that he could voluntarily move his right leg and toes through the assistance of an electric stimulator that was implanted into his spine.  This occurred more than two years after the motor vehicle accident that had left him paralyzed.
The injured man had already received extensive medical care before the electric stimulator was implanted.  He had been in extensive care for 16 days and he then remained in the hospital for an additional five months. However, there was no promise that he would ever again regain movement until he participated in a clinical trial.

“I knew that I wanted to do anything to regain mobility back,” the patient stated.  After having surgery and participating in hundreds of rehabilitation sessions, he can now bear weight upon his legs and even take a few steps with support.  He stated that the ability to perform extra tasks on his own has resulted in a 100 percent improvement in the quality of his life.  He is now one of four completely paralyzed individuals that have undergone this same procedure that have regained some voluntary movement in the legs.

Results of this and other studies at least indicate that progress is being made when it comes to spinal cord injuries.  However, such research does not come free of charge and patients will require the financial resources to afford innovative solutions.  And until a cure for spinal cord injuries is actually found, these patients will require medical care, counseling and assistance concerning their daily tasks.  They will continue to suffer pain and have to deal with depression.

Anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of others should speak to personal injury attorneys to get an idea just how much they will need to cover the costs that come along with their injury.