Taking action after a pilot causes an aviation accident


Pilots are under heavy stress to perform in extremely complex surroundings, even when an environmental or airline threat poses unexpected danger mid-flight. It is no surprise, then, that pilot errors and negligence are among the most common causes of aircraft accidents. Unfortunately, these incidents lead to devastating injuries and deaths for passengers. While our firm cannot undo the immense physical and emotional damage sustained, we make it our mission to seek total financial coverage for all current and future recovery needs.


Sometimes an aviation accident is completely out of a pilot’s control, like when inclement weather strikes out of nowhere. Other times, however, the pressure of the job leads to mistakes and poor decision-making in the cockpit. Common examples include:

  • Exceeding maximum speed limits
  • Engaging in risky maneuvers
  • Deviating from the planned flight course
  • Failing to follow safety training protocol
  • Forgetting to deploy landing gear
  • Consequences of a psychological illness


Regardless of how an aviation mishap occurs, at The Brewer Law Firm P.L.L.C, nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our clients. We are unafraid of large airlines, aviation companies and the profit-minded insurers that back them. In one case where aircraft training negligence led to a wrongful death, our firm was able to win $1 million in compensation. While we are skilled in generating settlements outside of court, both of our litigators, John Brian Brewer and Dane L. Wood, are also Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Arizona.


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