Aviation burns


Because aviation accidents can be violent in nature, few manufacturers have paid much attention to the crashworthiness of their fuel system design until recently. In the early days, aviation fuel was stored onboard in aluminum tanks that were as flimsy as soda cans. They ruptured very easily. The danger to the occupants is that not […]

Atv accidents


Safe fuel system design is not limited to automobiles and airplanes. Crashworthy fuel systems must be incorporated into all-terrain vehicles as well, especially considering the foreseeable use and abuse an ATV will undergo. Bumpy trails and steep inclines make it all but certain that an ATV will overturn during its lifetime. The last thing you […]

Fuel-fed fire injuries

Fuel systems for cars, planes and other vehicles are virtually mobile bombs. Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene would not make effective fuel if they weren’t highly flammable. Because of the danger they pose, fuel systems must be carefully designed to survive the impact of crashes without exploding into flames.​ WHY SURVIVABLE CRASHES TURN DEADLY […]

Phoenix lawyer for thermal burn injury cases


Thermal burn injuries involve exposure to flames, scalding liquids, steam or hot metals. The intense heat kills cells and damages tissues. Depending on their severity, thermal burns can be horrific. They often require extensive skin grafts, and the victim may be left with permanent scars and disfigurement. The Brewer Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona, is […]

Compensation for scars and disfigurement


Immediate medical needs and recovery are not the only consequences of personal injuries. Injury victims typically feel physical and financial hardships for months or years after the accident took place. This is especially true in catastrophic accidents that leave behind scars and disfigurement. They can result from motor vehicle accidents, road burns, medical malpractice, or, […]

Phoenix Electrical Injury Attorneys


Between overhead power lines and underground electrical lines, most people work or live near high-voltage electricity every day. Transformers, substations and switching cabinets are extremely dangerous and if not properly secured, maintained and labeled, will pose an extreme hazard to the public and those working around them. HIGH-VOLTAGE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Despite the invisible dangers that […]