There is more than one type of bone fracture

As a motorcyclist, you know that any type of accident can cause serious harm to your health. For example, fracture bones are extremely common in this type of accident.
Despite the fact that bones are rigid, they provide some level of give in the event of an outside force, such as a collision with the pavement. Even so, if the force is great, the end result could be a fracture.

There is more than one type of bone fracture, each of which is treated in its own way:

  • Stable fracture. This is the most basic type of fracture, with the broken ends of the bone lining up.
  • Compound fracture. In this case, the bone typically pierces the skin.
  • Transverse fracture. This type of fracture is unique from the others, thanks to the horizontal fracture line.
  • Comminuted fracture. Among the most serious types of fracture, this is when the bone shatters into a minimum of three pieces.
  • Oblique fracture. This is when the fracture results in an angled pattern.

Although some types of fractures are more serious than others, each one needs to be treated by a medical professional. The sooner you receive treatment the easier it is to reduce the pain and improve your long-term outlook.

If you’re involved in an on the road accident, such as on your motorcycle, you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re injured. The best thing you can do is receive immediate medical attention. From there, you can learn more about your legal rights, as you may want to seek compensation from the negligent party.