Motorcycle accidents: how we can help

It’s quickly becoming motorcycle season again, and as riders prepare their bikes for another summer on the road, accident awareness increases as well. Motorcycle crashes are often very serious because the bikes offer very little protection to their riders against a full-sized vehicle. While wearing a helmet, which Arizona laws do not require for riders over the age of 17, can help protect against brain injury, it does not protect the rest of your body.
Motorcycle wrecks often occur when a driver in a car simply does not see the rider. Drivers are used to looking for other vehicles and may not look twice to ensure that a motorcycle is close by. Motorcycles are also less visible at night because of their small size and fewer lights.

Whenever injuries are caused as a result of a wreck, the police will investigate to determine who was responsible for the crash and whether any outside factors such as poor road condition, weather or decreased visibility may have contributed as well. If the investigation finds that the other party was responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses incurred in treating the accident-related injuries and other financial losses.

Having a thorough understanding of what the laws allow and what an adequate settlement would be is crucial to preparing for any kind of legal action against the responsible party. At the Brewer Law Firm, we work with motorcycle accident victims and other personal injury cases on a regular basis, so we can help you learn more about your options.