Funeral and procession draw over 1,000 residents

A Border Patrol Agent in Arizona was in a remote, desolate area of the state when he was killed in the line of duty. He and another agent were riding motorcycles at the time. Though the details of exactly what happened are scarce, the bikes collided. One agent was hurt and the other passed away. The accident happened on the Aug. 11.
The man who died was just 37 years old. He had worked out of the Casa Grande Station, in the Tucson Sector. That station had a dedicated dirk bike unit for remote patrols, like the one he was on at the time of the crash.

A funeral was just held for the man, and over 1,000 people turned out. After the ceremony, at which various agents spoke, the man’s body was taken to Mountain View Cemetery, which is right next to the Casa Grande Mountain. More residents turned out to line the streets as the procession moved through town. Pictures show some of them saluting the line of vehicles, driving with their lights on, and reports indicate that some were holding up American flags.

Those at the ceremony and the graveside spoke well of the man, saying he’d been a hard and honest worker. They noted that he reported minor things to hold himself accountable, such as a dent in his truck. They also said he was terrific at looking for signs in the wilderness, a seemingly natural tracker.

The man leaves behind his wife and four kids.

If a worker has been killed in a vehicle accident on the job, his or her family may be entitled to compensation under Arizona’s workers’ comp laws. It’s especially important for those with small children to know their rights when lost wages are involved, as compensation can help them make ends meet during this difficult time.