Do you know how to drive a motorcycle safely in traffic?

As a motorcyclist, there is nothing better than hitting the open road with nobody around you. Unfortunately, you realize that you have to share the road with others most of the time. Taking this one step further, you could find yourself stuck in heavy traffic.
As a motorcyclist, you need to be extremely careful when the traffic around you picks up. If you aren’t, you increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Here are several tips to follow if you’re driving a motorcycle in heavy traffic:

  • Watch those around you. Not only should you pay attention to everything you’re doing, but you need to be aware of other drivers at all times. After all, it’s often the other person who causes an accident.
  • Don’t jump from lane to lane. Despite the fact that you’re on a motorcycle, allowing you to more easily maneuver through traffic, you shouldn’t weave in and out. If you do, you could cause an accident. Plus, this is illegal.
  • Be noticed at all times. Generally speaking, this means one thing: Don’t drive in the blind spot of another vehicle.

Although you may not realize it, when you’re driving a motorcycle in heavy traffic you could be involved in an accident at any point. When you follow the rules of the road and remain alert, you lessen the likelihood of an accident.

If you do find yourself involved in a crash, do your best to remove yourself and your motorcycle from traffic. At that point, don’t hesitate to contact an ambulance and police.