Understanding the risks.

If you’ve heard an advertisement for any medication, you’ve heard the long list of warnings and possible side effects. Like medication, most surgeries have a long list of possible side effects or known dangers.In most situations, however, the dangers are unlikely and the outcome is worth the risk. But that is not always the case.

It’s the doctor’s job to explain the possible risks and receive consent from the patient who is undergoing surgery. If you suffered injuries that a doctor failed to warn you about before surgery, you may be eligible for compensation. 


Birth Injuries

Mothers spend their entire pregnancies doing everything they can to protect the health and wellness of their babies. However, when obstetricians, doctors or nurses make mistakes during the baby’s delivery, they can cause permanent damage to the baby.

Surgical Injuries

Surgery requires meticulous precision and attention. Surgeons must have the skills, training and experience to anticipate potential problems and respond quickly under pressure. Any number of things could go wrong at any step in the process.


Has a doctor misdiagnosed your illness or a loved one’s disease? Not only can you recover compensation when a doctor acts negligently, but you can also help prevent that same mistake from happening to someone else down the road.


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