Aviation accidents: the contributing factors

Private aviation is a growing industry in Arizona, and many people are interested in getting their pilot’s license or hiring a private plane to take a look at the beautiful Arizona landscape from the sky. With more and more private plane crashes making the news, however, people are beginning to wonder if private air travel […]

Are drones an aviation accident waiting to happen?

Drones have been making the news in recent months, first for their privacy concerns and now because they may present a serious safety risk to air travel. Businesses are not allowed to fly drones unless they request an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. Anyone using a drone for commercial reasons must also obtain a […]

Aviation accidents: you have options

Many Arizona residents prefer to travel by air, and some even enjoy being in the cockpit themselves. Whether you travel for business, leisure or recreation, the chances of an aviation accident and what would happen afterward have likely crossed your mind. You may have even already been injured and trying to understand your legal options. Our legal […]

Number of aviation accidents involving helicopters declining

The summer months are peak times for those who enjoy heading up to the skies, and that also means that it’s the time when most helicopter accidents occur. The number of reported helicopter accidents has been slowly decreasing since 2006 at a rate of about 2 percent a year, but there are still many more […]

Fears that laser incidents could result in airplane crash

There is continually being more attention paid to incidents involving lasers being pointed at aircrafts. The concern is the greater number of incidents we see, the greater the potential that an airplane accident could occur as the result of these activities. The incidents are of particular concern when aircrafts are at low altitudes. Search-and-rescue or […]

NTSB releases report concerning fatal arizona airplane crash

The National Transportation Safety Board released an accident report concerning an airplane crash in Arizona that killed a father and his three sons. While a variety of factors were said to have contributed to the 2011 aviation accident, the errors were said to be related to a culture of “complacency” that took place among ownership of […]