Child burned with hose left in the sun

Odds are good that you don’t even have a hot water option on your outdoor hose. Most people don’t, so they never even think about how hot that water can get. However, if you turn the hose off without draining it, the water can sit in the sun and heat up to a dangerous temperature, which can cause serious injuries.
It’s a lesson one mother in Arizona unfortunately had to learn when she went outside to fill up a pool. Her nine-month-old baby was with her, and she turned the hose on and sprayed him. The child was scalded by water that had likely heated up to well over 100 degrees. He suffered second-degree burns on his face and right side, covering 30 percent of his body.

Experts warn that it only takes a short exposure to this hot water to cause severe burns. Pictures of the child, who is expected to recover, show that he is now covered in painful blisters and peeling skin.

It’s worth noting that the woman did not know what had happened at first. She knew he’d been sprayed, and she said he hated it if water ever sprayed his face, so she didn’t think it was too bad. Before long, though, it became clear that he was actually hurt and needed to be treated.

This is an important thing for Arizona residents to keep in mind as the temps soar this summer. If you’ve been burned by a negligent homeowner, or if a child of yours has been injured in this fashion, you may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and related expenses.