Burn injuries: understanding the options

Burn injuries are extremely painful and can have serious complications. Treatment often requires weeks spent in the burn unit as doctors work to heal the skin and reduce the risk of infection. All of this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and leave victims financially stressed as well as physically and emotionally scarred.
If a third party’s negligence was responsible for the accident that caused the burn injuries, victims in Arizona may have legal recourse and be able to sue for compensation. In some situations, it may not be immediately recognizable that the burn injury was the fault of another party. If you or someone you know was burned in an accident and you have questions about how the accident occurred and whether another party is liable, it is important to talk with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that any legal filings are done in a timely manner.

Most burn injuries are the result of a fire or explosion. Any time there is a fuel system involved, such as with a car or airplane, there is the potential for a fire to occur. If the fuel system is not adequately maintained or inspected, this can increase the chance of an accident occurring. It is also possible for victims to sustain burn injuries from natural gas or propane explosions or even from electrical shocks from power lines, appliances or battery-powered equipment.

Severe burns can lead to lifelong complications, such as scarring and limited range of motion, in addition to the immediate trauma suffered. Being awarded compensation through the courts can help victims find closure and financial relief as they try to move on with their lives.