Burn injuries can lead to disfigurement and other medical issues

Suffering from a burn injury is something that often leads to a long-term medical care plan. Third-degree burns are the most serious burns that can cause severe disfigurement and other medical issues. The medical care associated with third-degree burns often means the patient incurs considerable medical costs. The patient will likely also have to learn to live without their income since they will likely have to stop working because of the burn.
​There are many causes for third-degree burns. These burns can be caused by chemicals, electricity, flames or scalding liquids. Unlike first-degree or second-degree burns that are only skin deep, a third-degree burn affects the outer layer of the skin and the entire layer beneath the skin. This type of burn can cause swelling, discoloration and leathery skin. The burn might not cause a lot of pain because it may include damage to the nerve endings.

Third-degree burns often need extensive medical care. This care can include cleaning, debriding, skin grafting, pain medications, reconstruction, cosmetic surgery and other medical interventions. Oftentimes, these treatments require lengthy stays in the hospital. That means costly hospital bills and missed work for the patient.

When a third-degree burn is caused by an accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, recklessness or carelessness, you might choose to seek compensation. Any monetary compensation that is received won’t take away the pain of the burns or the effect those burns have on your life, but it might help you to get the medical care and the services you need to live life in the best manner possible.