Police car goes around ice cream truck and hits young girl

A police car in Arizona hit a young girl and then ran her over, leaving her with extensive head injuries and fighting for her life in the hospital.
Reports indicate that the police car was being driven by an officer who was leaving after checking out an animal disturbance report. She came up to an ice cream truck, which had pulled over so that children could make purchases. The officer decided to drive around the truck, but the girl was leaving the truck and crossing the street. The police car hit her as she did so.

The girl is just 3 years old. Her mother was in the area, though how close she was to her daughter is unclear. It does appear that the emergency response team took both the girl and the mother to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The crews that responded got the call, picked up the girl and started driving to the hospital all in a span of about five minutes.

Earlier this summer, another child was hit near an ice cream truck over in South Phoenix. It’s not clear how similar the events were, but it does show that there is danger near the trucks for children — especially those who are not with their parents. One officer noted that parents should be with their children and holding their hands when crossing the street or going up to the truck.
When children suffer head and brain injuries, even if they survive, the results can be life-altering. During such an emotional time, parents do need to consider the financial impact of the injuries and what rights they may have to compensation.