Key things to know about brain injuries

Brain injuries do impact people differently, even if they have very similar injuries, and so they can be rather complicated and confusing, both for medical professionals and for those suffering from the injuries.
Below are a few things that you should know that can help bring some clarity to the situation.

1. Minor brain injuries don’t exist. Experts used to think that things like concussions were minor and didn’t really pose a problem, but more and more studies are showing that the fragility of the brain means it’s important to take every single injury seriously.

2. It’s easy to overlook brain injuries. The symptoms don’t always show up right away, or the major symptoms may go away quickly. For example, a football player who is hit in the head may see a bright flash and feel dizzy, but he will then feel fine a few minutes later. That doesn’t mean the brain hasn’t been injured, and more issues—like dizziness, confusion or nausea—could develop in the days and weeks to come.

3. Personalities can change. This can be one of the hardest parts of a brain injury for the family of someone who has been hurt. That person’s overall personality may never be the same. He or she could also end up dealing with depression, anger, mood swings, and many other things of this nature.

Have you suffered a brain injury, or has a loved one been hurt in Arizona? If so, it’s wise to look into all of your options for legal compensation, especially considering the potential long-term impact of this type of injury.