Awareness of brain injury increases but is still much to learn

Brain injuries remain unpredictable. The diagnosis of a brain injury or concussion may not be straightforward. Also, diagnosis may be complex. It can include use of neuroimaging or cognitive testing, and the cognitive testing can take several hours to complete.
There are between 1.5 and 3.5 million brain injuries suffered each year in the U.S. While most individuals will recover from concussions in about two weeks, the short and long-term consequences can differ from person to person. There are certain individuals whose symptoms never improve, and who those individuals will be is extremely difficult to predict.

Treatment varies due to the circumstances of each case. In certain cases evidence-based interventions are tried. This can include cognitive rehab which takes place in either individual or group sessions. Strategies to improve memory are often implemented. Patients may also be in need of psychotherapy in order to deal with all of the symptoms from which they suffer.

There is still much to learn. We do have better tools such as imaging techniques to diagnose a problem with the brain. We also have a greater understanding of what the long-term consequences of a brain injury or concussion can be.

When individuals are injured in Arizona, our personal injury attorneys will conduct investigations of what occurred by inspecting the accident site and speaking to eyewitnesses of the accident. However, we also need to do what is best for our clients in making certain that negotiations with insurance companies and negligent parties results in a better settlement.

Negotiations are complicated when dealing with unpredictable injuries such as brain injuries. We need to make certain that needed treatments are provided that insurance companies may not always wish to cover. It is the victim of an accident who will suffer the consequences if a necessary treatment is not provided.