We’ve helped clients in Arizona and across the country get the compensation they deserve.

Comprehensive experience with aviation accidents.

During our practice, we learned that a hands-on approach was one of the most valuable things we could do. Unlike many lawyers who stay at their desks while investigators visit crash sites, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside our research experts. We’ve spent days combing through accident sites and sifting through the evidence from helicopter, airplane and other aircraft crashes. Our lawyers’ hands-on involvement in aviation cases allows us to expose liability for crashes in Phoenix, Arizona, and around the globe.

Private and Charter Helicopter Crashes

We identify and expose design defects in helicopters, including fuel system designs that fail in survivable crashes. Sadly, many individuals who contact our firm suffered injuries while on sightseeing or leisure flights. Also, pilot errors — such as pilots who are underqualified or who have a lack of training — as well as maintenance errors, can all cause serious accidents.

FAA Violations

We represent individuals who were injured after ignoring FAA violations. This can include ignoring safety standards, failing to complete training or failing to complete proper maintenance on the aircraft.

Commercial Airline and Chartered Aircraft

Most of us have no choice but to trust our lives and well-being to others when we need to fly. Too often that trust is broken because of inexperienced and unqualified employees.


If you were injured in an aviation accident because of the negligence of another party, an experienced attorney can help you receive the compensation you need.