Can turbulence cause significant aviation accidents?

Being in an aviation accident is like no other experience you will ever have. We have all been in a fender bender in a car, but that turned out all right. That isn’t the case in an airplane or helicopter accident. The results are usually fatal. There are some accidents in an aviation accident that are not fatal, though, and will probably leave you injured. Turbulence is one of those times.
Turbulence occurs more often than you think, usually sometime during your flight you will see the “fasten seat belt” light go on and the captain tells you that the plane will be going through some turbulence.

Weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, are the reason for turbulence. Severe turbulence can happen at any time during your flight, but it usually happens at the least expected moments. Like in the middle of the flight when everyone is getting comfortable and the flight attendants are serving beverages and snacks. If you aren’t buckled in, you could be thrown around the cabin and become injured.

One of the things that happens during a turbulent time while in the air is that baggage overhead shifts and may come down on your head if the vibrations, twists and turns are bad enough. A survey done by the Flight Safety Foundation shows that approximately 10,000 people are injured every year by falling luggage. That is a staggering amount! You can be hurt and injured by simple bruising all the way up to lacerations and severe head trauma. You could have a brain injury that does not show up for several days after the event.

Calling in an individual who specializes in aviation accidents can help. This person, and the team of people behind him or her, know what to look for and how to guide you through the legal system to get recompense for medical bills and lost wages along with pain and suffering.